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Can You Tell When You Have A Plumbing Leak In Your Home? 3 Subtle Signs

by April Rivera

Your plumbing system determines the level of comfort that you experience in your home. It also affects your water bills and the durability of fixtures and structures around the home. Proper plumbing installation keeps your home clean, hygienic, and dry. It also minimizes the amount of money and time you spend on plumbing repairs. On the other hand, ignoring your home's plumbing system can lead to structural damage to your property and, worse still, safety hazards. When you detect an abnormality, it is imperative to call professional plumbing contractors immediately for repairs. 

Water leaks are the most common and destructive plumbing problems many homeowners encounter. Though some are hidden, several signs may point to an active leak. Keep reading to learn some of these signs. 

1. When the Water Meter Is Running Non-stop

It can be rather hard to detect an issue with your water meter when the water outlets in your home are in use. The best way to test any anomalies is to switch off all the faucets, showers, and other appliances that use water and check the meter. If it is still moving even when no water is running in the house, there is a possible water leak. Hidden water leaks do not only spike water bills but may also cause severe water damage. Contact experienced plumbing contractors right away to stop the leak. 

2. When You Have Mold in the Home

Mold only grows in a moist or damp environment. It is a clear sign that your water pipes are leaking at a hidden location. Failing to address a developing mold problem can lead to severe property damage and compromise your home's structural integrity. Mold is also a serious health hazard to those living in your home.

If you notice mold stains or smell a musty odor, it's time to call a plumbing contractor. Also, unending allergic reactions among your family members signal concealed mold growth. An experienced plumber will locate the leak and fix it to prevent further damage. 

3. When You Have Foundation Cracks

A massive leak can cause water to seep into the basement and ultimately into the foundation. Over time, this will cause foundation settling. When your foundation settles, walls begin to sag, floors become uneven, and the foundation gets cracked. That's a safety hazard that can lead to a tragic accident if you ignore it. When you see cracks appearing on the foundation, contact a plumbing contractor instantly. They will seal the leaks and thus prevent structural issues in your home. 

Arresting and repairing plumbing problems early can save you destructive water damage in your home. Hire plumbing contractors from companies like Du-West Foundation Repair for professional solutions