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Replacing The Pump For Your Water Well

by April Rivera

For homes that rely on a well for water, replacing the pump can be a major process to go through. To make it easier for you to minimize any disruptive complications during this work, it is important to have a solid understanding of what it will involve.

Will You Always Need To Have A New Shaft Drilled?

When a homeowner discovers that they will need to have their water well replaced, it can be easy to assume that this will also involve them needing to have a new well shaft drilled. Fortunately, this is not usually the case as it can be possible to lift the pump out of the water while causing minimal damage to the shaft. Sadly, there can be instances where damage to the interior walls of the water well are discovered, and if this is the case, drilling a new well may be a necessary step for keeping the well stable in the coming years.

Is The Well Pump The Only Component That You May Need To Replace?

The well pump can be one of the most expensive parts of the well system to replace, but it is also not the only component that may need to be replaced. Well systems will have a pump and a storage tank. For those that want to improve the performance of their water well, installing a stronger pump as well as a storage tank with a higher capacity will be necessary steps to take. Without the higher capacity tank, you may find that the system starts to run low on water just as quickly as before you upgraded the pump. A professional water well pump replacement contractor can help you with finding the right balance between the storage tank and pump output to meet your water needs.

Is Replacing The Water Well Pump Damaging To The Landscaping?

Another assumption that is often made about replacing the water well pump is that this will be extremely damaging or disruptive to the surrounding landscaping. Typically, landscaping damage will only be a major concern if you are upgrading the storage tank as this could involve substantial excavation near the water well. However, if this is not needed, you may find that the landscaping experiences little more than some tracks from the equipment that is used to remove the previous pump and position the new one. Unfortunately, if a homeowner has planted flowers or other plants extremely close to the well, these may be damaged during the course of this work, which can be a reason to avoid placing plants in the immediate vicinity of these systems.

Reach out to a professional who provides water well pump replacement services to discuss your individual needs.