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The Thermostat Might Be To Blame When Your AC Doesn't Turn On And Off Properly

by April Rivera

Temperature control for your home depends on a functioning thermostat. When your AC malfunctions, you may not even consider the thermostat is the problem, but it very well could be. However, other AC problems can also cause similar symptoms, so you may need to call an AC repair service to get to the bottom of the problem. Here are some signs the thermostat could be malfunctioning and what an AC repair technician might do.

The Thermostat Has A Blank Screen

If you have an electronic thermostat and the screen is blank, the first thing you should do is change the batteries. If that doesn't help, you can check the troubleshooting section of your thermostat manual, but you might need to call an AC repair service for help.

The AC Won't Start Or Won't Shut Down

If your air conditioner won't trigger on at all or it's running and won't shut off, that could be a sign of a faulty thermostat. Check that the circuit breaker hasn't tripped and has power shut off to the AC. If the AC has power, but the thermostat doesn't seem to have any control over it, the problem might be loose wiring.

You might try popping the cover off the thermostat to see if the wiring is loose or if the insides are covered with dust. You can lightly dust the thermostat if needed, but if wiring seems to be the issue, you may want to wait for a repair person to check the wiring and replace it if need be.

The repair person can check the wires with a multimeter to see if they have power or if the thermostat is bad. If the thermostat is bad, the technician can replace it with a new one.

The Settings Keep Changing

Another thing to do when the thermostat isn't working is to check the settings. Even if you live alone and know you haven't changed them, the settings might change if the thermostat is bad. If you have a programmable thermostat, the programmed settings might keep failing too.

The repair technician might have to replace the thermostat when this happens. If you have a digital model, the thermostat might even display an error code that lets you know what's going on with the thermostat. This could help you and the repair technician understand the problem and know for sure what type of repairs have to be done.

When your AC turns on and off erratically or it doesn't operate at all, the thermostat could be to blame, but other HVAC parts could be to blame too. Call an AC repair service to diagnose the problem and make repairs so that running the AC when it's malfunctioning won't cause damage to your equipment.