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Why Your Water Heater Installation Should Always Be Done Professionally

by April Rivera

When you need a new water heater, it can seem so simple to just put in a new one and just do the water heater installation on your own. However, only a plumber or licensed water heater installation specialist should install your water heater for you, so you shouldn't try to take out your old one or install a new one on your own. Here are the reasons why a water heater installation should always be done professionally.

There's more work than you may realize

Part of what makes a water heater installation successful is the insulation that goes around the unit once it's put in. Water lines should be connected tightly and correctly, and the proper plumbing equipment should be used to ensure the new water heater lasts a long time. Temperature settings have to be set and water pressure has to be tested.

If there are any worn attachments or hoses from the old water heater that needs to be repaired or there are any copper pipes that have to be replaced, your water heater installation specialist will take care of these things in addition to installing your new water heater. In short, there's more work involved in installing a water heater than you may realize, so it's best to hire a professional who is prepared to do the work and has done so many times.

You have an instant referral for a water heater specialist

Your water heater needs to be flushed and filled every six months or so, so you need to have a professional water heater installation specialist all ready to help you get this done. The flushing of your water heater helps remove the sediment and debris that is naturally found in your water supply, thus allowing your water to be clearer and to keep your water heater in better condition, longer.

You also need a water heater specialist to inspect your water heater regularly. Your water heater should be serviced every year and if you have this done regularly, your water heater will last longer. Having your water heater installation done by a professional gives you instant access to a water heater specialist should you need one; you can use the same specialist to treat all your water heater needs, or ask them for a referral to another specialist if they only do installs.

If you have a warranty on your water heater, it's protected when a licensed professional does your water heater installation for you. Any questions about your water heater can be asked when the installation is done. To learn more information about water heater installation, reach out to a company such as Legacy Plumbing Inc.