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What You Should Know About An Annual Plumbing Inspection

by April Rivera

An undiagnosed plumbing problem is an issue that could leave your home with major damage and problems, and many plumbing issues go unnoticed for a very long time. Fixing a problem like this can end up being very expensive, especially if the problem caused water damage in your home. This is why plumbers often recommend annual plumbing inspections. If you want to protect your house and spot issues before they develop into big problems, you should consider getting a plumbing inspection each year.

What Is an Annual Plumbing Inspection?

An annual plumbing inspection is just a routine inspection of the main components of your plumbing system. It is something that is completed by a plumbing company, and they generally work through a checklist when performing an inspection like this. This is the same type of inspection you would get if you were buying a house and wanted a thorough report of the condition of the home's plumbing inspection.

What Is the Purpose of It?

A plumbing inspection has several key purposes. The first is to make sure that all parts are working the way they should be. The second purpose is to spot any issues that need to be addressed before they create big problems. The third purpose is to simply find out if there are any changes needed with a plumbing system to make it work more efficiently and effectively.

What Does It Include?

There are a number of steps involved in an annual plumbing system, and it might begin with an inspection of all the fixtures in the home. This includes toilets, tubs, sinks, and other water sources. Next, it is used to check drainpipes and the main sewer pipe to ensure that these are all in good condition. It will also include an inspection of the hot water heater, the water softener, and water pump. The inspection may also include inspecting outdoor parts of the system as well. The plumber will also answer any questions you may have about your plumbing system.

What Steps Should You Take Afterwards?

If the plumber finds that your system is in great condition and has no problems, you probably will not have to worry about fixing any issues for the next year, so you could wait for another year to have it inspected again. If the plumber finds issues, you should have the company fix them for you right away. Call a plumbing contractor if you have questions about this.