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DIY Plumbing Gone Bad: What You Need To Know

by April Rivera

As a homeowner, the expense of home maintenance can add up, especially when it comes to plumbing. Very often, a professional plumber is called in after a homeowner attempted to make a repair without fully understanding what should have been done. The following are some of the more common mistakes plumbing contractors have to repair as the result of a DIY plumbing job gone bad:

Mismatched Pipes

When it comes to placing pipes, you have to get the size right. Plumbing pipes are akin to really difficult puzzle pieces that have to be placed just perfectly for your plumbing to function like it should. The pipes begin to look the same when you go to the hardware store. If you are trying to replace a piece of pipe, you risk getting the wrong size. The results can be disastrous, from corroded pipes to major leaks in your walls.

Parts Pieced Together Incorrectly

Since plumbing projects have to be done with precision and expertise, you risk not putting your fixtures and pipes back together correctly. If you want to install a new bathroom faucet, for example, you need to know there is more to the project than simply taking the old faucet off and installing a new one. Once you open the box, you will see many different small pieces that have to be placed. If you do not install those pieces where they belong, you could end up with a leaky faucet. Worst case scenario, you can have major damage in your walls behind the faucet because you did not properly install the faucet, leaving water to build up and cause major damage.

Repairing a Quick Fix

Plumbing problems can crop up out of nowhere, and it is essential they are fixed quickly. If you try to fix the problem yourself in an effort to do it quickly, your haste could worsen the problem. Plumbing problems will not eventually go away. The problem will continue to get worse, causing even more expensive problems later on. For example, if you poured a chemical clog remover down your shower drain, it may fix the problem temporarily, but there could be a much bigger problem causing the clog. Over time, the clog will get worse, and you could end up in an emergency situation, such as a flooded bathroom.

Although plumbing problems are a major headache, you can make it worse if you attempt to fix problems on your own if you have no training. Be sure to call a plumber as soon as you notice a problem.