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3 Tips For Dealing With Root Problems In Plumbing Lines Outside Of Your Home

by April Rivera

When you think about problems with the plumbing in your home, you probably do not think anything of the pipes outside your home. The sewer or septic lines from your home are vulnerable to several problems, such as roots from trees that get into lines and cause problems. Here are some tips to help deal with the roots that cause problems with the plumbing outside of your home.

1. Root Barrier Systems to Prevent Sewer Line Problems Before They Start

The roots of trees around your home can cause a lot of problems with the plumbing of your home. If you can prevent problems before they start, it will be better for your home. You may want to consider keeping trees with extensive root systems a safe distance from your sewer lines. If any trees are close to your plumbing, then you may want to consider installing a root barrier system, which keeps the roots away from trees with a physical barrier or with the use of special chemical treatments that prevent root growth near the sewer lines.

2. Vertical Drilling to Replace Existing Sewer Lines with New Pipes

In many cases, there may not be any choice but to have the damaged sewer line replaced when there is a problem with roots. Today, there are vertical drilling alternatives to conventional excavations, which will prevent messes caused when having a new sewer line installed. This is something that may need to be done if the root has cause sewer lines to collapse and sewer jetting techniques cannot be done to clear the blockage.

3. Sewer Jetting Services to Remove Root Balls and Clear Clogged Lines

The roots in the sewer lines often do not cause severe problems with pipes, which means different methods can be used to clear the blockage. The best method to remove debris that is causing sewer lines is to use a sewer jetting service. This is a process of using specialized high-pressure jets to clean out the debris from the lines. This type of technician can be used to clean out roots in many cases that are clogging sewer lines, as well as to repair problems with lines to drain fields of septic systems.

These are some tips to help deal with root problems that cause damage to pipes outside of your home. If you need help clearing pipes that have been clogged with roots and other repairs, contact a sewer jetting service to help with these improvements.