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What To Do If You Discover Mold Growing In Your Home

by April Rivera

It is important to make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep mold from growing in your home and then spreading all throughout the entire place. Should you happen to spot some mold growth, no matter how little of an amount it is, you will want to make sure that you are taking the proper steps for mold elimination. Here are some of those steps:

Find The Source

Too many people make the mistake of simply moving right into the step of cleaning up the mold. The problem with that is that even if you remove all of the mold that you can find, it will simply grow right back unless the cause of the problem is taken care of. There is an apparent moisture problem somewhere. It is either from a leaking window or roof, or you could have an issue with some of the plumbing in your home. Either way, you will want to consider hiring a professional in order to locate the source of the problem and to resolve that issue. You can then move on to the mold elimination step.

Get Rid Of The Mold

This usually requires the removal of a lot of damaged building materials in your home. Personal items that cannot be properly cleaned will need to be disposed of as well. Now, in order to ensure that all of the mold is removed and that it is done in a safe manner in accordance with local laws, you will want to hire a mold elimination company to do this for you. They have the proper equipment and safety gear that will protect them from becoming ill from mold spores.

Have Your Home Inspected

After you have had the mold professionally removed, you will want to have it inspected one extra time. This is done by a visual inspection and the collection of an air sample. That sample is then sent off to a lab to determine if there is still mold spores floating around in your home. If there is still some mold spores, the tests should indicate how toxic that particular strain of mold is so you know whether it is common household mold or if you need to call in the expert removal team again.

Always make sure that you are following through with everything that needs to be done in order to rid your home of mold. If it is not tended to quickly and in an efficient manner, it could spread throughout your home. That could lead to a lot of terrible things, such as illness among everyone in the house and the destruction of your personal belongings.