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Four Benefits of Having a Whole-Home Water Filter Installed

by April Rivera

If you want to ensure additional toxins and bacteria are removed from your water, then you have several options. You could use a water filter pitcher, install a point-of-use filter on faucets you use the most, or have a whole-home water filter installed. Here's a look at some of the many benefits of choosing the whole-home water filter.

The water you bathe in will be filtered, too

Some contaminants in water, such as chlorine compounds, can enter your body through your skin. So bathing in water that contains these compounds is not ideal. With a whole-home water filter, these compounds are removed from water as it enters your home, so you don't have to bathe in -- or even wash your hands in -- water that contains them.

Your dishes will be washed in cleaner water

Certain minerals can leave a residue on dishes. Not only does this make your dishes look cloudy, but you also ingest these minerals when you eat off of your dishes. With a whole-home water filter, the water your dishes are washed in will be cleaner, whether you wash your dishes in the sink or in a dishwasher. Dishwashers are notoriously hard to coordinate with point-of-use filters, so a whole-home filter really is your best option here.

You only have one filter to replace

In any filter system, you'll have to periodically replace the filter cartridge to ensure the filter keeps doing its job. If you have individual filters at each tap, this can be a lot to keep up with. With a whole-home system, there's only one filter to remember to replace. You can set a reminder in your phone to remind you to do so. Some systems even have a light that comes on or an alarm that sounds when the filter needs to be replaced. 

Minerals won't be flowing through your pipes

If you only filter water as it emerges from the tap -- or afterwards in a pitcher -- your home's pipes will still be exposed to all of the minerals and toxins the water contains. This can lead to mineral deposits forming in your pipes, which could eventually cause blockages or slow water flow. A whole-home system filters the water before it flows through your pipes, so you don't have to worry about this type of plumbing damage.

To learn more about whole-home water treatment systems, speak to a water treatment company like Water Tec in your area.