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Reasons Your HVAC Specialist Needs Plumbers Training

by April Rivera

When you start looking for an HVAC specialist, you may not think about them having plumbing experience. However, there are certain situations when they will have to handle plumbing and have the expertise to do so. Here are the reasons your HVAC specialist needs plumbing training and why it is important you check for that experience. 

Water Heater Installs and Repair

One of the main reasons your HVAC specialist should have plumbing experience is due to water heater installs and repairs. This is something you may not think about at first, especially if you are facing an emergency with your water heater and you are frantically looking for someone to come fix it. You may find someone that is listed as an HVAC tech, and water heaters are listed as one of their services.

The problem is, if they don't actually have the right background, they may run into issues when they are repairing the tank and connecting it to your existing plumbing. This is especially true if the problem runs into your regular plumbing. A certified HVAC plumber will be able to handle any type of plumbing situation during the hot water heater install and repair process to ensure everything works properly when the installation is finished.

HVAC Drainage Issues

If you have an older model HVAC and furnace combination unit, you will likely notice you have a drain pipe running from the unit into your regular plumbing. This is to catch condensation and runoff that occurs during the traditional operation of the unit. In some cases, debris may get caught in the drainage pipe and move into the regular plumbing. This may end up causing blockages throughout the home and plumbing. An HVAC specialist with plumbing certification will be able to fix the drainage issue, ensure the HVAC system is draining properly, and clear the blockage to ensure the water flows properly without damaging the pipes.

Tankless Water Heater Servicing

There has been an increase in homeowners purchasing tankless water heating systems. If you have an issue with yours, such as the water not heating, you may not know who to call. You will need to call an HVAC tech with a background in plumbing. In this case, the plumbing background is vital because they will need to check not only the heating which is connected to the HVAC but also why the water is not heating. This may be due to a plumbing issue or due to a hot water issue down the plumbing line.

Checking on the plumbers background with HVAC specialists may seem like something that would already be done, but it is not. If you are hiring a local specialist you may find that they have one service experience or the other, but are not certified or are only certified and licensed for one of the services. You can do a background check by calling the local certification office for the state. If they are certified, their name will be listed with state board. For more information, talk to a HVAC specialist like those at H.R. Stewart Inc.